Monday, August 28

She's Still There: A Book Review

She's Still There by Chrystal Evans Hurt

I wasn't sure what to think about this book, but thought I'd give it a shot. The author tackles some big questions. What's a woman to do if her life is not taking shape the way that she thought it would? What happens when she looks at herself in the mirror, lingering just a little longer than usual and realizes that she no longer recognizes the person staring back at her?

The author, using her own life and story, writes about what she's discovered. Poor decisions, a lack of intentionality or planning, a long-term denial of deep hopes and dreams can leave a woman (young or old) reeling from the realization that she is lost, disappointed or simply numb. And she pushes in on the fact that this woman needs encouragement.

My thoughts on this book: it was good, encouraging and inspiring. It also hit me in the gut on multiple occasions because I needed to hear those words.

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