Thursday, August 17

Jesus I Need You: A Book Review

This might be my new favorite thing! The book itself is slim and has a hard cover, but the size of a normal paperwork book. I was initially expecting a smaller, almost pocket-size, devotional type sized book, so it was pleasantly surprising to see that it was bigger than a typical devotional. Plus, the texture of it feels good in my hands.

The book has prayers on different subjects separated into the different sections. If you're really struggling with something, you can find a prayer on that general topic. On the left pages are the prayers and the right side pages have a short prompt related to the prayer and lines for journaling your own prayer or thoughts.

I'm not sure I'll use the prompt section, but I LOVE the prayer pages. They are just vague enough that you can apply them easily to your life, but powerful enough that they make me feel interested and invested in the words as I use the prayers as a template.

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