Tuesday, July 11

A Fierce Love: A Book Review

A Fierce Love by Shauna Shanks

The cover of this book is very eye catching! The synopsis just as catching. Shauna's husband broke the news that he had an affair and wanted a divorce. This book walks through her brave decision to fight for her marriage when society, and her husband, was telling her to let go of the marriage and walk away. Basing her heart around 1 Corinthians 13 and the ludicrous outline for love, she took God at His word and assumed the love chapter was really meant to be followed literally word by word, Shauna started to fall in love with Jesus - and her husband again.

There is nothing "fairy tale" about this book. It's not an easy book to read at parts because Shauna is quite real. She faces the hard parts of her story head-on and doesn't sugar coat anything for the reader. What she does do is heap on the hope, insight and then more hope for marriages, relationships and your relationship with God.

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