Tuesday, June 13

The Physics of Everyday Things: A Book Review

I had really high hopes for this book, but in the end, was disappointed with it. The author is a physics professor set out to reveal the mind-bending sciences behind the seemingly basic things that keep our daily lives running, from our smart phones to x-ray machine to airplanes. I thought the concept of this book was incredibly intriguing! I want to learn about the physics of those things.

Perhaps part of the problem was with my expectation of this book. I expected illustrations or layman's depictions of the physics behind each item the author was describing. Instead, there were only a few illustrations while the rest of the book described things in words only. That made the book very hard for me - a very non-science type person - to understand what the author was saying and describing.

All in all, I don't recommend this book to people without a science background.

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