Friday, June 2

The Gospel According to Paul by John MacArthur

I haven't read a lot of John MacArthur's books, but thought I'd give this one a shot. Lately, I've been stuck in an easy-read type pattern, and knowing that this would be a heavier, thought provoking book where I'd have to pay attention was a bit daunting.

In this book, MacArthur dives into part of the New Testament books that Paul wrote to the early church and how these key texts have a unique emphasis highlighting some essential aspects of the Gospel. The book is about 250 pages, and while packed with great information, was a fairly quick read for me. MacArthur did a good job of using phrases and words that the average person could understand (and not too "scholarly" or with phrases that minsters and Christian often educators use when talking about the early church), while still tackling very key and very heavy parts of the Gospel and his writings to the early church. I found this book educational, and like I said above a quick read; however, you definitely have to be in the mood to pay attention (unlike an easy fiction book).

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