Monday, May 8

The Hideaway: A Book Review

The Hideaway by Lauren Denton

I don't typically pick up fiction books that aren't based more around suspenseful story lines. But this book's cover drew me in, and soon I found myself entranced in this delightful novel.

The novel follows Sara as she moves back home after her grandmother's will leaves Sara her old bed and breakfast - The Hideaway - in Sweet Bay, Alabama. Sara's original plan was to quickly tie up any loose ends by selling the B&B and then return to her life in New Orleans. However, Sara learns that her grandmother's will tasked Sara with renovating The Hideaway. Over the course of contractors, dust and other rennovations, Sara finds herself slipping back into life in Sweet Water, and to her surprise, growing to love to love much about the town.

I really thought this was a charming little book. An easier read, but still entertaining that leaves you with a warm feeling when you walk away. The characters are wonderfully flawed and genuine. I loved the author's ability to a envelope the reader with her descriptions of The Hideaway and the town. Definitely a fun read!

Disclaimer: This book was provided to me free of charge by BookLook Bloggers in exchange for my honest review. All the opinions expressed are completely my own. Also, affiliate links used. This means that if you purchase a book via the Amazon links, I'll receive a small percentage. Thank you for supporting my blog!

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