Friday, May 12

Start With Amen: A Book Review

Start With Amen by Beth Guckenberger

Another book I picked up because of how amazing the cover of the book looked. That cover is so catching!!

This is the first book that I've read by Beth Guckenberger, although she has written many more. The book hinges on the word "amen." Millions of Christians use this word every day, yet few realize whatrichness, depth, truth and connection are packed into this sacred phrase. Growing up attending a Mennonite middle/high school, we used to sing hymns all the time, often using the word "amen." I'm sure at some point in time the meaning of the word was taught or explained in one of my classes, but I honestly can't remember much about the word itself. This book unpacks all the Bible teaches us about the word "amen" and about the moment we say "amen" to God. Beth talks about how the Bible shows us that "amen" is more like a full invitation from God packed with all that he requires from us and all he longs to bestow upon us as his beloved children.

There is so much more I could say about what's inside this book. It's packed full of good things; from the Bible, captivating stories, application, exploration of intimacy with God and truth upon truth. I found that it was a deeper read, but well worth my time.

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