Monday, May 15

Gone: A Girl, a Violin, a Life Unstrung: A Book Review

I love a good autobiography and this one definitely was! If I think back really hard, I think I remember hearing about Min Kym's stolen violin. Between that and the cover of this book being so eye catching, I snatched this book and drove right in.

Min Kym is a world renown violinist. She was known as a prodigy at the age of seven, being the youngest ever student at the famed Purcell School. When Min was eleven, she won her first international prize when most preteens are worried about if a boy on the playground likes them back. When she was twenty-one, Min found "the one," the violin she would play as a soloist - a rare 1696 Stradivarius. (Side note: I can't image owning something from the 1600's and that valuable.)

When her violin was stolen in London, Min was faced with feelings of having lost her soulmate and sense of who she was. Almost overnight, she became unable to play or function, stunned into silence. Following her journey, the book dives into how Min dealt with the absence her violin, and music, left in her life. It was interesting to read about how she was able to step back and see her past in a new light, a childhood that was full of isolation from all the practicing and also crushing expectations.

Not being a classical music fan and having a lot of knowledge of who Min Kym was before reading this book, I found this book quite interesting. I enjoyed reading about Min's life and appreciated how she dug into the real emotions of what she experienced, both in losing her violin and also in her life in general.

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