Thursday, April 27

An Outlaw and A Lady: Book Review

An Outlaw and A Lady by Jessi Colter 

I opened this book without knowing anything about Waylon Jennings and recognizing the names of Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson and Bob Dylan without being able to list a single song any of those men sing. I'm not what you'd call a big music fan. (But I do appreciate music, for the record.)

This book was written by Jessi Colter, the wife of Waylon Jennings and a renowned songwriter and singer in her own right. She was raised in the church before leaving her home to tour with a rock-n-roll pioneer and became a successful recording artist. Later she moved to Nashville to be in the middle of the music scene and was the only woman on the landmark Wanted: The Outlaws album, which was evidently extremely successful. The book follows Jessi as she marries Waylon. Offstage though, life was a challenge as her husband pursued his addictions, and it pushes Jessi to return to her faith.

For not being a music buff, I thought this book was very good! It's honest, it's gritty, it's a great backstage pass to the music of that time period, it's inspiring. It's flat out a great book!

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