Monday, March 20

Dawn of Christianity: A Book Review

Dawn of Christianity by Robert Hutchinson

This book tells the story of how the first followers of Jesus survived the terror and despair of witnessing Jesus being arrested, tried and executed. Hutchinson uses the most recent studies by Christian and secular scholars to reconstruct all known accounts of these early resurrection appearances and then follows the stories of the people who witnessed the resurrection as they became committed evangelists to the major population centers in Antioch, Damascus, Rome and Athens.

Because I attended a Christian middle and high school, followed by Christian college, I had a class at some point on various times of Christian history, including immediately following the resurrection. BUT, what teenager is truly that interested in retaining what they learn in a church history class. All that to say, I enjoyed reading this book. I liked the historical accuracy and research that Hutchinson worked to achieve, and I appreciated the refresher (and more! I learned a lot in this book) crash course from this book. There's so much to learn from the early church!

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