Friday, February 17

No More Faking Fine: Book Review

No More Faking Fine by Esther Fleece

The title of this book caught my eye right away. How could it not? If you've ever been given empty cliches during hard times, you know how painful it can be be to misunderstood by well-meaning people. Far too often the response we get when we communicate our hurt, pain or disappointment is to suck it up, pray it away. This book is an invitation to get gut-level honest with God through the life-giving language of lament. Lament isn't a word that we hear very often today, and if we go back to Scripture, we find that lament was a way of praying that God never ignored, never silenced and that time in lament praying was never wasted. 

The author, Esther, learned about lament the hard way by believing that she could shut down the painful emotions that haunted her heart from a broken past. In silencing her pain, she learned that she had been robbing herself of the opportunity to be healed. This book defines Biblical lament and is about giving yourself permission to lament.

The topic of this type of Christian living book is, well...hard. It's deep, and it's emotional. What I loved about Esther's writing was the openness she sunk into as she dared addressed the fact that we don't truly seem to lament anymore and the freedom found in doing so.

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