Tuesday, January 24

Current Obsessions

This postcard set from Swedish artist/writer Maja Safstrom // The set is based on her book The Illustrated Compendium of Amazing Animal Facts (which I don't own, so I wasn't sure what to expect when receiving this postcard set). The postcards are supposed to be colorable, but most of the designs don't have a ton of space to color. This doesn't bother me (obviously! because it's a current obsession) because the designs themselves are darling and the facts about each animal are fun things to note. Even cuter? They come in a little cardboard box with labels for different categories (air, forest, sea, etc.). Honestly, I'm not sure these postcards could be any more charming!

The Lettermate envelope placement guide // Because I plan on sending a ton of the animal fact postcards, I wanted to order The Lettermate to help me write the addresses on the postcards and other letters all nice and tidy. I've seen this before on Pinterest, and have almost ordered it, but it's one of those extra items that you don't really need and aren't sure you should spend your extra money on, ya know? Now that I have it, I'm obsessed with using it to address all my postcards.

This sheet/comforter pattern mixing image (via Pinterest). I love grid patterns right now.

The website Recyclebank // I've posted about this before, but y'all, I love Recyclebank. I can take quizzes and learn things about recycling to earn points. I just redeemed my points for the following magazine subscriptions: Midwest Living, Good Housekeeping (don't make fun of me? I actually like that magazine. Does that make me old?), Time and House Beautiful. I don't know about you, but I hate to pay for magazine subscriptions. Also? This isn't an ad. I really, really like getting free magazines.

This jacket from Northface. I may or may not have entered a giveaway with my local library to win a gift card to Dick's Sporting Goods. Crossing my fingers! And saving all my pennies to buy it in case I don't win the gift card.

Disclaimer: The postcard set was provided to me free of charge in exchange for my honest review. All the opinions expressed are completely my own - I really am currently obsessed with it! Also, affiliate links used. This means that if you make a purchase via the Amazon links, I'll receive a small percentage. Thank you for supporting my blog!



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