Tuesday, December 13

Current Obsessions

My lavender zebra May Designs notebook // I can't get over how stinkin' adorable and fun this notebook cover is! If you aren't familiar, May Designs is an online store where you can customize your own notebooks. They offer three sizes of notebooks and over a hundred different notebook cover designs, with the ability to add a monogram or saying to the cover in multiple styles and colors, and THEN you're able to customize what type of style your inside pages are (regular lined, graph, agenda, workout tracker, meal planner, baby diary, coloring book, gratitude journal...and more). Basically, the May Designs website will suck you into a blackhole, only to emerge hours later with several lovely personalized, but expensive notebooks in your shopping cart. I'm not sure I could ever pay full price for one of their notebooks because I'm a cheapskate. This lavender zebra notebook was 50% off, and I skipped adding the monogram/saying to the cover to save that money. Recommendation: wait for a sale.

Rifle Paper Co fabric // The light blue floral and it's two similar prints with navy floral and pink/coral floral is the most yummy fabric I've ever seen...outside of vintage floral sheets, of course.

The new Papermate InkJoy Gel Pens (0.5mm fine point style) // I love the Papermate Flair Felt Tip Pens, so when these new InkJoy Gel Pens were released during back-to-school time, I grabbed a few shades of blue to test. They dry incredibly fast and write exceptionally smoothly (no big dot of extra ink when ending a letter - you know what I mean?). I like the finer point pens because I write big and don't want thicker ink to take up too much room on the lines of my journal.

This blog post by my friend Valerie // I love her inspiration for holiday decorating. It's festive, yet simple.

This book - Walking on Water // Don't be confused by the title, it doesn't have anything to do with Jesus walking on the water. It's a book about how creativity/art and religion go hand and hand. I read it earlier this fall and it ranks in my top five books OF ALL TIME. Literally, amazing book. I'm re-reading it now.

The local donut place called QuackDaddy // This is about a 25 minute drive from our house, but oh so very worth it! You fill out an order form to customize your donuts (pictured). The donuts themselves are smaller, but the most perfect donut I've ever tasted. I got two donuts: strawberry icing and the white icing, both with their raspberry drizzle. THEY WERE HEAVEN. This sounds extreme, but they truly are the best donuts I've ever tasted.



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