Thursday, September 1

Our Trip to Savannah + Orlando

Joel and I haven't taken a vacation as just the two of us in two years. The last trip was a vacation to Denver to celebrate our first anniversary and becoming debt-free. Nothing says "Yay! We're debt-free" like spending $1K on vacation - ha! Don't worry, we saved for that trip and paid cash. Just like we did for this vacation - well, technically, we used a credit card to get the can you even book a flight by paying cash anymore?

We coupled this vacation with something we've been meaning to do for over a year - see Joel's sweet grandmother. Grandma King lives in Savannah, GA with Joel's aunt. In the five years that we've been together, I have never met her and Joel hasn't seen her either. She's so special to my husband because she lived with his family while he was growing up. It was definitely time we made the effort to spend a little time with her.

After spending an afternoon/evening with Grandma King, we spent the next morning of our vacation exploring Savannah. It was my first time, and to say that I fell in love with the character and history of the city would be a gigantic understatement. What a city! We were regretting not spending the massive amount of $$$ to stay at one of the cute B&B's in the historic section of town. Especially the B&B that was within walking distance to the Girl Scouts founder's house full of Thin Mints just read for my consumption. We happened upon two cute coffee shops and a hat store, so those were fun too!

Sad to leave Savannah, we continued on to Orlando! We spent one day at Universal Studios (because HARRY POTTER, y'all) and the two days at Disney. I can't say enough good things about our time at the two Universal Parks. All the details in the Harry Potter exhibits (...sections...attractions...what would you call it?) were fab-u-lous. For this big HP nerd, it was borderline the best place I've ever been.

The store fronts (not all of them were actual stores) were exactly what I had pictured from reading the books. I want to go back and re-watch all the movies to see if they are similar to the set for the movies. We ate lunch at The Three Broomsticks, tried a butter-beer (not alcoholic, it's butterscotch flavored), walked through Hodsmeade and Diagon Alley, even a smaller scale Hogwarts. The Kings Cross Station had a platform 9 3/4 where we caught a ride on the Hogwarts Express. (Also, is it weird that spell check auto corrected "Hogwarts" to the correct spelling?) My favorite experience at Universal was the Gringotts ride. The extra early hour of park admission from staying at a Universal Hotel meant that we were able to ride the Gringotts ride two times before the lines got too long. 4D and very cool!

Ready for photo overload??

We gave our Disney park experience a solid 7 out of 10. Neither of us had been to any Disney park before this trip and weren't quite sure what the expect. Most of our friends and family RAVE about Disney. It set our expectations high, and I'm hesitant to say that Disney was disappointing...but it was, just a tad.

That to say, we still had a lot of fun! We were just expecting a little more roller coasters. And it didn't help that we both didn't have childhood memories to bring the extra sentimental heart-squeeze of excitement to be back in the land of Disney magic. My favorite rides were the Peter Pan ride (waiting in line for that one was surprisingly interesting as they had a bunch of interactive things to keep you from getting, air conditioning!!), the Seven Dwarfs' Mine ride and the Monsters, Inc. show. The creepiest ride award goes to the It's a Small World ride. Too many dolls. Just too many. And don't get me started on the clown dolls hanging from the balloons.

Another photo overload! I can't remember the last time I posted this many photos in one blog post.

Soooooo...that was our vacation!



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