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Fall Capsule Wardobe

Building a capsule wardrobe is something I've kept at arms distance. It's extremely popular right now and I love the idea; however, I hate the idea. It makes me feel like I have to spend money. It's not hard to envision the strain on my wallet when the whole concept is to invest in less "fast fashion" and in more well-made clothes (read: appropriately pricey due to fair labor practices). Frugal Elise hates to spend more than $20 on any item of clothing. Like, seriously. My local Goodwill stores have ruined how I shop because I'm able to find name brand items in perfect condition for $2 on their half price deal days.

Here's lookin' at you, Citizens of Humanity jeans that retail for $175 on clearance, but only cost me $2.28.

But I was so inspired by Caroline's return to blogging and how lovely Lindsey's and Valerie's spring capsule (I think Valerie just blogged about her fall capsule today too!) turned out that it seemed like a good time to attempt an official seasonal capsule wardrobe for the first time. If you're new to the idea of a capsule wardrobe, I encourage you to follow this link to Caroline's blog to read more about it and download her wardrobe planner

In thinking through my fall wardrobe, I wanted to cut down on costs by including as many secondhand/thrifted and handmade items as I would have time to find or sew. In the end, I didn't finish sewing all the items I wanted to make for my fall wardrobe. That was also my hang-up with posting about a spring capsule I decided that I wouldn't let it hold me back from finalizing my fall closet. The handmade items I want to add, but haven't made their way off my WIP pile are noted at the bottom of the post.

After I went through my closet to narrow down what I wanted in my seasonal closet, I packed away ALL my other clothes in storage totes, and then sorted out three bags of clothes and one bag of shoes to sell to local secondhand stores. Literally the only things hanging in my closet right now are the items detailed out in this post. It feels so light and airy!

Soooooo here we go...46 items for my September - November very-affordably-done capsule wardrobe!

Denim sleeveless (Madewell via ThredUp) // Striped sleeveless (Anthro via Goodwill) // Tank (Loft via Schoola)

Patterned tank (H&M via Schoola) // Striped tee (Target via Goodwill) // Graphic tee (Target via Goodwill)

Striped oxford (Gap via Goodwill) // Open weave sweater (Old Navy via Schoola) // Denim (Gap via ThredUp)

Gray 3/4 sleeve (Topshop via ThredUp) // Striped sweatshirt (Old Navy via Schoola) // Sweater (Gap via Twice)

Patterned tank (Loft via Goodwill) // Eyelet top (Cynthia Rowley via Goodwill) // 
Comfy cardigan (Lou & Grey via Goodwill)

Sleeveless button-up (Old Navy via Schoola) // Safari vest (Madewell via ThredUp) // 
Olive button-up (Anthro via ThredUp)

Boyfriend button-up (unnamed brand via Schoola) // Plaid oxford (Eddie Bauer via Goodwill) //
Pheasant top (unnamed brand via Goodwill)

Flannel button-up (J. Crew via Schoola) // Neutral sweater (J.Crew via Schoola) // 
Patterned blouse (Cynthia Rowley via Schoola)

Olive peplum top (Loft via Goodwill) // Polka dot sweater (J.Crew via Twice) // 
Navy flowy blouse (Gap via Goodwill)

 Denim button-up (Gap via ThredUp) // Striped sweater (Gap via Twice) // 
Crochet topped blouse (unnamed brand via Goodwill)

Striped cardigan (J. Crew via Goodwill) // Medium gray cardigan (American Eagle via Goodwill) //
Patterned dress (Mango via Goodwill)

 Basic sleeveless button-up (Old Navy via ThredUp) // Striped dress (Joe Fresh via Goodwill) //
Black cardigan (Express via Schoola)

Light wash (Gap via Schoola) // Medium wash (Citizens of Humanity and Gap both via Goodwill) //
Darker wash (Gap actually purchased from Gap)

 Olive shorts (Express via Goodwill) // Cuffed shorts (Gap via Twice) // Shorts (American Eagle via Goodwill)

Black shorts (Loft via Goodwill) // Black skinnies (Gap via ThredUp) // Black leggings (LuLaRoe purchased new)

What's left to add to my fall capsule wardrobe? These handmade items:
  1. Raglan tee (Lane Raglan pattern by Hey June)
  2. Baby blue sweatshirt (Halifax Hoodie pattern by Hey June)
  3. Gray quilted dress (Out and About Dress pattern by Sew Caroline, fabric from JoAnn's) 
  4. Patterned flowy top (Soho Blouse pattern by See Kate Sew
A couple notes about how I've chosen to do my fall capsule wardrobe. I didn't include shoes because I'm such a creature of habit that I literally wear one pair of sandals, shoes or boots at a time, occasionally another pair gets added into the rotation. Also, this capsule doesn't include workout attire, leisure attire or camisoles/tanks for under my tops. AND, not included in this list are a few items that increase my work wardrobe. My current job allows me the ability to wear jeans to work, so most of the items pictured are work appropriate for me. However, I needed the flexibility of adding items that will only get worn once/month for board meeting presentations, plus a couple extra sweaters because it gets REALLY cold in my office.

In looking at my fall capsule wardrobe, I didn't intentially purchase any new items. Several of the Goodwill purchases were from last Saturday's Goodwill 50% off Saturday sale, but were purchased because I simply fell in love with how they fit my body, not intentially for my capsule wardrobe. All the other items were pulled from storage, already on regular wardrobe rotation or were purchased with referral credit from the secondhand websites ThredUp or Schoola. And now that my wardrobe is set until November, I'm officially on a shopping freeze. Fingers crossed I don't get tempted by the next couple months Goodwill sales!

This makes me proud. It negates my previous fear that a capsule wardrobe would force me to spend loads money. Also, I'm over here thanking God for companies with great referral credit policies...and exceptionally awesome people who donate quality clothes to my local Goodwill stores!

Click here to get $10 of referral credit to Schoola (they have free shipping with a $25 or greater purchase) and I'll get a $10 credit when you make your first purchase.

Click here to get $10 of referral credit to ThredUp and I'll get a $10 credit when you make your first purchase.



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