Monday, September 26

Current Obsessions

Clearance school supplies. Or really, school supplies in general. Especially these pens for 44 cents and the tape for 30 cents. Also, since when do Crayola colored pencils go on sale? I wasn't one to argue!

Plus, mint M&M's. What's even better is that they are quite strong, so I can only eat a few at a time.

Ohhhemmgeee, this "B" mug from Anthropologie is absolutely stunning!

This giant wooden crochet hook (I got mine from Michaels). I've been prepping Christmas gifts already and LOVE this hook! Although it works best with extremely chunky yarn. I found a brand at JoAnn's (can't remember the name of it right now) which - coupled with this 10mm crochet hook - creates the most darling and trendy scarves and blankets. It's just so, so, so fun.

The Purl Soho website with all it's lists of projects by different craft type. I adore every project they create!

My KAMsnaps maker. It's simple to use and fairly addicting to add snaps to, well everything.



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