Friday, August 26

Patterns I Keep Coming Back To

Being a sewer can be overwhelming in the best way. You're constantly looking at the hems on clothes, or how well the stripes are matched up at the sides of that cute J.Crew top, or even stalking the stores to get inspiration for things you can sew yourself...because after all, there's GOT to be a pattern for this and that and that.

As I'm starting to think about my fall capsule wardrobe (seriously, I'm officially doing one of these for the first time ever!), I couldn't help but make a list of all the patterns I keep coming back to, aching to sew.

Lane Raglan by Hey June // I've said it before and I'll say it again - this pattern is amazing! It's such a staple piece. The possibilities are endless and the instructions are clear. Sewing another version of this pattern ASAP.

Out and About Dress by Sew Caroline // Another pattern with a ton of options. Short sleeves?Long sleeves? Full length skirt? Shorter skirt? Totally up to you. Could it be any more fun to envision how to personalize this dress? Also, taking a moment to mourn the long hair I had when this photo was taken of my black & white heart dress.

Dropje Hooded Vest by Waffle Patterns // I purchased this pattern, but want to sew it ASAP. Fall will be here before we know it, after all. I'm just trying to decide if I want to do a quilted version with a great patterned fabric, or a more simple solid fabric on the with a fun contrasting fabric on the inside.

Eleanor by Kzjo'Studio // Can you have too many cardigans? No? Okay. Sorry for asking such a silly question.

Biscayne Blouse by Hey June // One of my very favorite styles in cold weather season is to pair a collared tank with a sweater. This top doesn't have a collar, but its high neckband will look great with a v-neck sweater.

Maker's Tote by Noodlehead // Sooo this isn't an article of clothing, but I just keep coming back to the Noodlehead website to look at this tote. Is it too early to dream up all the Christmas gifts I want to make for friends and family this year? If I do make these gifts, it would be great to also make this tote to keep my gifts-in-progress with me at all times. You never know when you'll be stuck somewhere (waiting for a train on my way to work is a real thing) and be able to sneak in ten minutes of project work!



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