Wednesday, August 31

Current Obsessions

Iced chai's with an extra pump of chai. Perfect summer drink.

This ballerina doll by my friend Aleks of Aleks Handmade. Gahhh, so adorable!

Like I said last week, this tote pattern from Noodlehead. Finally, buying it this weekend.

These Moleskine journals. There's a slight chance I went overboard and currently have five different colors of the same notebook (yellow, lime, navy, dark teal and lavender) for when I finish my current light teal journal.

ThredUp because I can't stop lovin' on this brand new J.Crew purse I bought on their site.

This bias tape machine, which I was lucky enough to snag when it only cost $70 instead of $345. What IS that price jump? So dumb. It hasn't actually arrived yet, but I'm already obsessed with it.

Harry Potter books on CD for my long drive to and from work. And also, the new Harry Potter book.



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