Monday, July 11

The Mayan Mosaic Quilt Pattern

One talented quilt pattern designer, Suzy Quilts, is releasing a new quilt pattern on July 21st called the Mayan Mosaic Quilt. She included me in a test run of the pattern, and I simply can't wait to show you what I cooked up!

The only areas that I deviated from her pattern were to 1) eliminate the last row on each end of the quilt (the triangle rows) because I was running out of fabric, 2) use four fabrics instead of the combination of five fabrics Suzy used in her pattern. I wanted to use five fabrics, but after debating on fabric color combinations for over an hour, I wasn't able to find a fifth color that I loved enough to use with the other four colors that I was DYING over. And then 3) I used a different method for creating my HST's than the pattern called for, but that didn't change the resulting finished HST's in size, just a matter of personal experience at what method I work better with.

This pattern was slightly more time consuming than I originally thought because of creating 120 HST's. Those always take me a while, even though the time goes quickly when I start a Netflix series. Then again, if I wasn't trying to knock out this quilt in the span of two days while my husband was out of town for a band trip, it might not have seemed as time consuming! ;)

I machine quilted this quilt...very simply. I didn't want to distract from the design.

The instructions in this pattern were clear and easy to follow. Suzy listed a couple additional color combos at the end of the pattern to kick your imagination into gear and included a blank quilt pattern for you to fill in your own colors to get a feel for how it would look.

My symmetry lovin' heart gives this quilt pattern a fave review! Plus, the resulting quilt is STUNNING in person!

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